Mr. Rodman goes to Pyongyang

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In a world full of danger there is no menace quite like a ruthless dictator with a full mastery of the finest technology the 1990s had to offer. 

On December 12th, 2013 Kim Jong Un announced the execution of his uncle for vile crimes such as sarcastic clapping.  This writer took a moment to thank the gods that Kim Jong Un did not direct any plays my high school’s drama club put on.

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2013 Game of the Year – Candy Crush Saga

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2013 wasn’t exactly the greatest year in the history of gaming, but that isn’t going to stop anyone from handing out Game of the Year Awards.  To put it in perspective, 2013 is the gaming version of the year Chicago won best picture.

The main difference is that movies have one award that matters and gaming has a ton of awards that don’t matter.  Gamespot handed out the hardware to The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between WorldsKotaku picked The Last of Us.  The Golden Joystick Winner was Grand Theft Auto V.  The point being that there wasn’t exactly much of a consensus this year.  But, even with all those different winners, everyone missed the real game of 2013:

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Rainpocalypse 2013

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I remember the halcyon days of my youth, back when I loved the rain.

If it feels like it was just last week, well, it’s because it was just last week, before the floods came.

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